Automatic Manure Removal

Automatic Manure Removal

Our Italian manure belts are produced from specially designed polymeric material that has improved toughness and strength. They are produced in wounded rolls to minimize the wastes. They are very suitable in manure removal systems for poultry industry. 

Our belts are generally produced in white color. And our production capacity is up to 2350mm width, in desired length and thickness according to our customer’s projects. 

Ultrasonic welding equipment for poultry industry is suitable for connection of our manure belts. We also supply ultrasonic welding machines for our customers.

Manure Belt Ultrasonic Machine

We collaborate with the cage builders and we have through knowledge of production and hygiene/sanitary needs of cages farms.

This means we develop extremely functional solutions for spot welding on manure and egg conveyor belts.

The handgrips are light and ergonomic.

The material is solid, in compliant with standards, and ensures perfect electrical insulation.

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