Drinking System

Nipple drinking system consists of : nipple,pvc pipemsteel pipe , cups , s-hook , hanging system、regulator , Farms use nipple system to ensure equal drinking of water to all chickens as the pressure in first nipple is the same as the last nipple in the pipe . The height of the drinking lines and the height of the water column are very important to ensure that birds get adequate water requirements without any water spillage.
Number of birds per nipple
Broiler: 15-18 birds / nipple (high flow)
Layers 9-12 birds / nipple (high flow)
Breeders: 7-9 birds / nipple (high flow)

For hot climate we calculate 20% more nipples

Number of lines:
One drinking line each 2.5-3.5 meter width of the house and with always one more drinking line then feeding line.


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