Fortica® system

Fortica® is a complete automation system that provides more efficient business operations and helps achieve better animal performance. Novus Farm Management is part of the Fortica® automation system and ensures that you have access to important management information quickly and clearly so you can efficiently manage for improvements and respond to any abrupt changes directly and adequately.

Compare the performance of
your animals

Novus Farm Management provides insight into the performance of your animals. Growth performance, laying percentage, feed conversion and PEF (Production Efficiency Factor) are clearly displayed. This makes it easy to compare the performance of your current flocks with that of finished flocks or flocks in other houses.


Climate sensors generate lots of useful data and provides insight into the temperature, negative pressure, RH, CO2 and NH3 levels in the house. The Novus Farm Management program presents all relevant data for each climate and ventilation controller graphically. This allows you to see all the settings associated with a particular controller on a single display. Adverse influences are quickly recognised and analysed by the system and so can be avoided in the future.

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