Pan Feeding System

Pan Feeding

This feeding system deliver feed through auger, including main feed line and pan feed line. Main feed line: deliver feed from silo to hoppers in chicken house. There is one feed sensor(or limit switch) at the end of main feed line, which can control drive motor on and off to realize automatic delivery feed.

Advantage: Reduce labor intensity. One person can manage one chicken house.

• Our Pan feeders is made of high quality polypropylene (14 grills ) which makes it hard to be broken and in the same way very flexible

• Spiral is is made of heavy gauge tempered steel, imported from South Africa

• Feed pipes are made of galvanized steel with zinc coating 275g/m2 with thickness 1.2 mm Ф45mm

• Hopper:volume-70kgs material-galvanzied sheet thickness-1.0mm

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